Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Putting your home up for sale is an exciting time. Preparation is key to making your home shine when it's showcased in the market. I have created a detailed marketing plan that will successfully promote your home and help you achieve your highest selling price. 

Marketing in Motion 

1. Market Analysis and Pricing Strategy: Before listing your house, you need to know what price you should list for to be competitive in the market. I provide a detailed Comparative Market Analysis that will help you feel comfortable knowing your asking price will get you the best dollar for your home. I search for comparable homes in your area and what they have both been listed and sold for, considering the differences in the homes, lot sizes, and more... 

2. Photography & Professional Video Tours: The next step is to make your house shine. When your house is ready for showing, and at no cost to you, I will arrange for a professional videographer to capture your house in the best light possible. A professional video and photos will be used to showcase your home in the MLS system and on social media sites. 

3. MLS Listing: At this point, I will list your house on MLS - Greater Vancouver's largest online network of properties! Your house will be available to view by both agents and buyers. The flood gates will be opened and you should expect showings right away. 

4. For Sale Sign: The "For Sale" sign is the simplest form of advertising. A Johnston Meier Insurance and Realty sign will be placed on your lawn to let neighbors and passer-byers know your home is for sale by a reputable REALTOR. 

5. Web Presence & Social Media: I don't let the MLS system do all the work. I upload videos and photos on social media sites to attract more buyers from local neighbourhoods. Your listing will be on my website, Facebook, and Vimeo to name a few.

6. Host Open Houses: I hold open houses the first weekend your home is on the market. Buyers who attend an open house are most often more qualified, interested, and engaged in the home. You can create a big impact and will, in some cases, create a bidding war! 

7. MLS Agent Tour: The MLS Tour allows approximately 30 REALTORS from various companies to view your home at the same time. This leads to more appointments with their clients in the week after. 

8. The Lockbox: A Lockbox is a small computer that hangs on your door knob that contains a key to your house. When a REALTOR inserts his entry card into the lockbox, it records the time, date, and salesperson's name. This means that I can set up showings with trusted REALTORS when you're not home and at the earliest convenience, all with the safety of knowing who and when people are entering your home. 

9. Feature Sheet: I create a detailed Feature Sheet to present to potential buyers that is available on the MLS system and presented at the Open House and Agent Tour. The Feature Sheet is made up of all the selling features of your home and professional photos. It is important to keep your 

My Promise to You 

10. Keeping in Touch with the Current Market: Throughout the listing period, I will provide you with listing and sale information on comparable homes in your area and advise you of how this will influence the sale of your home. I also keep up to date with market trends and will inform you of any changes that could affect your sale. 

11. Keep Track of All Your Showings: All the appointments to show your home are made through me. No other salesperson will call you directly. This way, I can make sure that all the details of your home are not missed and I can keep track of the showings you've had. 

12. Provide You with Constant Feedback: After the showings, I will follow up with realtors for the positive and negative comments about your home. This helps keep you in touch with what the public thinks so we can make the changes necessary to sell your home. 

Selling Your Home

13. Notify Other Realtors of Incoming Offers: From the list of showings I have gathered, I call the last few REALTORS that have shown your property to see if their clients want to write an offer too. This is a definite advantage as it can create a bidding war to get you a higher price! 

14. Strong Negotiations Without Pressuring You: When an offer comes in, you are up-to-date with listings and sales in your area, you have feedback from showings, and you know market trends. My job now is to carefully examine the offer, provide you with my personal advise, and give you options. I handle all the negotiations so you can sit back and relax. 

15. Verifying the Deposit: I obtain verification that the deposit from the buyer is in place and available if their offer is accepted. 

16. Meeting the Appraiser and Inspector: By meeting the appraiser, any concerns or questions that he/she may have about your property can be answered preventing any miscalculation of your home's market value. Most REALTORS do not attend house inspections, but I consider it to be extremely important. If the inspector finds anything of concern, I would personally like to see it first hand so I can relay the information to you accurately. 

17. Arranging a Notary Public or Lawyer: Once chosen by you, I will have all the pertinent paperwork forwarded to their office and help you through the next steps. 

18. Ensuring your Home is Registered: Before your key is given to the buyers, I ensure that the transfer has, in fact, been completed by the lawyers. I don't consider my job done until this has happened!

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